How I Choose My Projects

My over all mission is simplifying technical things for less-technical people, to lower the learning curves and the costs of entry.

At the same time I want to maximize my returns on my time and resources invested.

My current projects:


The very most awesome open source platform for building, managing, and participating in online communities.

What I’m working on:

Tutorial for deploying multiple instances of Discourse on a single VPS using CloudPanel (an open source cPanel alternative.)

I’m doing this → over on the Discourse Meta forum…

Install Discourse on CloudPanel - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

This is a good investment in my time and energy because:

  • Discourse is a superior forum and community building platform with no competition in the marketplace
  • I enjoy working with non-profits and other community-minded people
  • I enjoy working with the robust and friendly online developers’ community
  • Discourse system administrators are currently in high demand as this platform rapidly propagates
  • The addition of reverse proxies as a feature in (the free) CloudPanel enables a new, more simplified way to install, host, and manage multiple instances of Discourse on one VPS.

Niche: It appears that I’m the only person providing this lower learning curve and lower cost of entry, so competition is non-existent.


The most simple, most efficient, and most flexible open source website platform for the common person as well as content creators.