Social Platforms... Here's The Thing...

Discord, Slack, X/Twitter, Facebook, etc…

We can’t search across them. They are public, yet they are siloed. This is why I consider my time spent on those platforms to be largely wasted.

It’s just that I’m always conscious of whether and how (retroactively) I’ll be able to revisit my previous conversations and contributions. I want to be able to find all of my public posts in one search, on a(ny) search engine.

Is there a tool for that?

At this point that broad and vast collection resides only on my PC. Perhaps that’s best for now (while I’m alive). But what will I be leaving behind for others after I die?

Will my life and mind’s work be destroyed with the disposal of all of my devices?

I think at that point I would like the option to contribute/will all of it to some collective repository that might someday become useful to others.

This seems just around the corner with the proliferation of AI tools and platforms.