Logitech MX Anywhere Mouse


The slider on/of switch on the original Logitech Anywhere MX (circa 2012) meant that I could just simply grab the mouse and slide my thumb on the underside to turn the mouse on and off. What a convenience - I keep buying these on Ebay after all these years, just for this one simple feature (in addition to “darkfield - works on any surface”) including glass!

Not even the current version 3.0 of the Logitech anywhere has all the same conveniences. The current version lacks L-R scroll as well as the thumb slider, and real BATTERIES. (The v3 requires re-charging via USB-C.) I actually prefer the added weight of the batteries within the mouse (w/3-month lifespan).

Not withstanding, I do use the v3 version daily because it’s new (and white – I do prefer that color.) And so for the current version I will suffer the fingernail on/off slider.

But, c’mon! The thumb-slider switch was the bomb… who nixed that? Shame on you!