Hello there. I am nOObish. I am simple.

This is a place for sharing innovations and conversations about simplifying. This site is (in itself) an experiment in simplifying, powered by the amazing Discourse open-source community forum platform.

The founding and current developers of Discourse practice and encourage the Open Source Culture (Vint Cerf refers to this as the “Geek Orthodoxy” :slight_smile: ), where personal responsibility and interpersonal integrity most often lead to a joyful and efficient learning environment and brilliant results.

Through this culture, Discourse has evolved to provide a powerful suite of features way beyond community forums.

Using this site as my laboratory I endeavor to push and pull and squeeze and stretch the Discourse platform to its limits.

For decades I have maintained hundreds of websites and blogs, and participated in tech-related community forums all across the web. This site collects and connects my public activities from all of those spaces. It’s my personal unified space for consolidating and streamlining my entire online ecosystem.

I am eager to simplify. I revisit, rework, and reinvent everything, continuously, in my mission to simplify techie stuff (and life in general), and to recognize and remove barriers for others. In this way I find the most compelling and rewarding opportunities (both human and business-related.)

Here I share my most noobish-button self, and just revel in the wonder of it all.

If you see some thing here that makes you want to connect with me, please do! You can always call or email me or we can start a new Group here for public or private discussion.

Testing… 1… 2… 3…



I have one rule.

The final and forever rule.

Other rules can change and may be negotiable, but not this one.

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