Ergonomic Mug

Just forever I’ve looked for a mug with a comfortable handle…

It just fits into the shape of my grasping palm (all 4 fingers fit inside the handle) with a perch on top for my thumb.

It angles perfectly and naturally as I raise it to drink.

A weighted gyroscopic lever connecting the handle to the mug so as I raise it, the liquid inside remains level or pitched to my custom setting?

The handle is made of soft rubber or silicone with a blob of micro-magnets inside just strong enough to hold in shape after I give it a hard squeeze?

We have an entire industry making ergonomic office chairs and the best ones are simply awesome.

A mug is so personal, such an item of comfort. We drink beverages so often for comfort.

An ergonomic mug would be a nice treat.

A current web search finds these: