The Paradox of Control

On one hand, in most every moment I am reminded that I have no control of others and what happens around me.

On the other hand, I know that I alone completely control (at least my own) reality by how I interpret and respond to anything and everything.

In the moments when I recognize and embrace both of these at once, my power to change and affect anything and everything becomes apparent and available.

I find that living and being with power is limited (only) by my capacity to discover, and own, and take responsibility for what I have created and co-created (those creations stemming from my previous interpretations and responses). This takes letting go of judging my former (and present) self.

To the extent that I can do this – precisely to this extent – do I recognize this power and it becomes available to me.

In the same (but opposite) way, to the extent that I blame others – precisely to that extent – do I give away my power (to the very ones I am blaming), and my power becomes unavailable to me.

Thank you @caroline for our recent conversation reminding me of these things.