Stream of 2022-10-23


chrome could have channels for different purposes and use cases. An alternative would be separate browsers or separate versions of Chrome that people could switch between. If you built it right into Chrome you could also build it in using extensions or an extension. So I have maybe two dozen different websites. That I tend to end up at. Even though I use Google search for my go to search engine and these dozen or two websites I get the most important and relevant information. And I’m all about learning. I couldn’t I am just a learning machine. I’m a I am insatiable. I wake up every morning, and my head begins to fill up with what can I learn and how can I impart knowledge and wisdom to others in a way that it can really efficiently soak in for them. So if I had a button on the top of top of my browser that let me switch into learning mode and then another button that lets me switch into entertainment mode. And then another button that lets me switch into social media mode. That would be pretty interesting. And I could switch between those modes and artificial intelligence could learn what that means to me. What does learning mode mean? For me specifically, what does entertainment mode mean? For me specifically, what does social media mode mean for me specifically? Now there could be wizards that guide the user through that process and configuration options but it really just needs to work on its own without, you know, just as soon as you start putting choices in front of people. They tune out. So just starting somewhere and giving them something where they don’t have to make a choice is the best way to go. And then adapting those over time and then maybe periodically say, How are we doing, but maybe even not that? So an artificial intelligence browser would be cool. So maybe chrome AI or something like that. Could be a separate browser, or it could be a mode or it could be either or both, depending on a lot of factors that I I don’t know. I’d need a team of people and maybe some consumer testing to try to figure that out. How’s the best way to do that? But the key is, sneak it in there and keep it simple. Okay, so there are certain things we want to sneak in on people just for the purpose of keeping things simple. They don’t need to know everything. If it’s if the only purpose of it for them is just to complicate it in their mind. But then there’s the other side of things which is the complete opposite, which is what people want most from technology these days. And from the internet is one thing. What is that one thing it is? People want to be in control. They want to be we want to be in control of our data, everybody now knows now, we’ve reached a point in our societal learning curve, about the Internet where everybody knows data is being collected on everything that they do, whether you’re on the internet or in the real world, you’re being videotaped, you’re being tracked you’re being GPS tracked and followed around by all kinds of stuff that you don’t eat, know what it is, and that’s unsettling for people. So what I propose is a campaign to release a new system that puts the user front and center in front of a control panel of their archive of their life archive. I want to go to my computer and sit down and open a webpage and see where all my stuff is. And let’s just narrow the scope of that to Google. I want beyond my take out. I really don’t want to take it out. I don’t want to take out my archive. I wonder how many people actually use that or actually understand that. But even if they understand what it’s for using it is virtually impossible for most people. Because what you download is this humongous multi terabyte or at least multi gigabyte zip file. Well, that’s not very reassuring to most anybody. I want to go and say Okay, where is the list of every recording that the Google Assistant has made, whether it’s from my hitting that button on Google search? It’s a microphone or that microphone button. On my keyboard. Maybe we have a new icon for the microphone and the microphone icon. Maybe it looks more real, maybe it’s colored, but it stands out as different from the microphone button. Up to this point that we see on Google things, because frankly, that microphone button doesn’t look any different than Apple’s microphone button. And therein lies the opportunity. When I see the microphone button that’s lit up. Maybe it’s green, maybe it’s whatever whatever it is. Maybe it has my avatar on it. That would be cool because then I would immediately know which account my recording for being stored in because many many people have multiple accounts and I think it should be the interface should make it very easy to always know which account your data is in and I use different avatars for my different Google accounts. So anyway, I want to be able to go to this page and it should have my take out as a big button. On one side of the page and my archive on the other side of the page with a big button. When I click that big my archive button I could have saved tabs at the top of the page. audio, video, text photos. Whatever. It should be that simple. And then everything is organized underneath in each tab by date. And if there are if there’s organization within each of those categories, say Google Drive, and it should say the location of that file, we should have file locations. That’s probably a basic thing. That if people can understand that, how to what those file locations are and how to navigate. That is very fundamentally powerful. In general, I have found in my work, it demystifies a whole lot for people once they understand how to navigate around the files in their computer. And it’s really the basis of a starting point to be even to be able to help somebody. There are certain things that are like that. There’s a certain collection of basics that any if anyone understands they really need those basics to allow others to help them. So those are the things that I generally start with when I sit down with a new client. I try to get a grasp on what is their understanding of their technology. How do they use it? And what do they understand about how it can be used? And probably most importantly of all, what is their comfort level? Do they feel in control when they’re using their technology or not? And that can be a general very generalized question limit can also be a very specific question specific question based on what it is they’re needing at any given moment. So if they need to do something, just one specific thing. Like send a text message. They don’t need to know everything about computers and everything about cell phones and everything about technology and giving them anything other than the very specific information and knowledge that they need to send a text message is only making the problem worse for them. They only need to know specifically what is necessary for them to understand that when you hit that send text message button on your phone. The next thing you do is you you put a phone number in there and then you tap the next text field down below and you type your message and it’s really helpful for the future for them. If you point out that a text message really only has two fields one for a phone number and the second for your message. So it’s really 123 Hit the text message button. Type the phone number in tap down below, type your message and hit send