Stream of 2022-10-20

So the Google assistant is just that it assist Google and that is its purpose what I want is a personal digital assistant a bot that I can train that is working for me and that feels like my assistant and not a generic assistant like Google or Siri–

So for a while now I’ve been using ghost blogs on the Ghost CMS platform for storing my thoughts in experiments and what I love about that platform is that every page or every post on the blog has built-in HTML and CSS and JavaScript in-line capabilities per page what doesn’t work quite right for my needs is that a blog is designed for presenting an article that’s finished well I am nothing if not a rewriter and at re-editor I am re-editing my thoughts in my blog posts and that’s not a great fit for me for a blogging platform what I wanted to find was the build what I was trying to build into ghost is a presentation that reflects that immediately people think that there’s one version of a blog post and once they read it they’ll probably never revisit that post but for me the fun and the utility of posting some thing is that it’s not a finished product it’s just the beginning of a conversation with myself and extended dialogue over time that’s just how my brain works and that’s what feels right to me so repurposing an online community forum platform repurposing that as a blogging platform is a good fit for me so that’s what I’m doing with this course is developing that platform –

So another opportunity that I see for a tech company such as Google or Microsoft or Amazon or Facebook for that matter is rebooting the customer support models it didn’t used to have that much value and that’s why companies stopped providing good customer support or customer support at all that lack of a Assistant in using a company‘s products is the bane of everyone’s existence who lives online and also those who are on the fence or flowing between real and virtual spaces there’s just too much evolving too quickly in the technology space people won’t pay for it because what they get is like the geek squad it’s frustrating it’s insulting it makes you feel bad –

So often it seems to me that social media and all of its variations are exercises in in public displays of narcissism or ego so I’ve avoided doing that but still I feel and have felt that there’s some utility to it as well and I’m thinking that why I can’t quite let it go and white there seems to be some utility that I sense there is this For me putting my self out there my thoughts my images of my life and my family I’ve always felt nervous about it and that’s why I don’t participate and never have participated in social media per se sites like Facebook and Twitter somehow that transparency of that is too scary for me I think some of my fears about that have to do with feeling uncomfortable about the idea that when somebody out there in the virtual roam see something of mine all they see is that little snapshot of that one moment and that’s never going to be an adequate or satisfying representation of me or my thoughts or my intentions or my motivation six just too easy for people to misinterpret who I am and I care about people accurately understanding who I am as a whole person so a platform that’s designed to provide an ongoing conversation that I’m having with myself about a subject now that’s some thing that I can work with because the minute somebody reads or listens to or sees some thing that I post because of the context and the layout of that information it’s immediately clear to the visitor that these are bits and parts and having them all in one place where I can edit previous thoughts and add new socks that’s reassuring to me and that feels comfortable to me that people are consuming my posts with that context in mind because all of my bits and parts are wrapped all up together in a unified and organized space in a better representation of My mind and my entire life and ecosystems of my life–

So I will designate new bitch to be my bot the name of my personal assistant my bot no yes bot bot.

And it’s not new bitch it’s new bitch. OK well that’s the first thing then is to train Nubes to spell its name correctly.

I actually think that I want to have several personal digital assistance I’m going to start with a new bitch.

And work out from there.

Each personal assistant can be delegated a general purpose.

These can be fashioned after human personal assistance assistance assistance.

Each one of them has a unique name and a defined set of skills.

But where it’s going to get interesting is as an assistant learns my intentions and motivations so it needs to learn my.

I need to be able to teach it the repetitive actions of my life as well as my intentions and my motivations and let’s add my methods and my purpose the who what when why and how of each thing that I do for myself that I want my assistant to do for me on command.

I think that is a data set that could work for learning and developing a personality and some thing that can anticipate my needs and my responses to external requests.

OK new acronym HMT stands for how many times.

New Kernan spelled NEWCRONYM, or N OOCRONYM.

So Acronyms like that can B used as tags on my discourse.

I can auto Abderrafie them for my readers.

So here’s one example of training my new bot my new bitch.

I’m using voice typing to compose this post what I’m using.

What I’m using is the Google assistant that I trigger when I press the microphone key on in the editor the email compose editor.

I know that the Google assistant is recording this and that recording is in existence somewhere but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

If I could find it, you could hear that I am not speaking naturally.

In order to insert commas, and periods, and New paragraphs, I am actually speaking the words C0MMAS, PERIODS, and an EWPARAGRAPHS.

So in any case the recording of this that I am doing right now that I am making right now could not be used for listening.

How many times does this transcription function this live transcription capability have to hear me say, in my voice, those words and phrases used for composition of the post, that which interrupt and make the recording the audio recording unusable for anything.?