Stream 2 of 2022-10-22


So Google has seen an exodus of entrepreneurial thinking people over the years over the decades that scrappy startup that Sundar mentioned in his talk to his employees in my view, what would serve Google very nicely at this moment, in time and in history is to begin to attract those like minded, scrappy startup, entrepreneurial type people not the posers that we see everywhere. The posers are people who have been employees of other people’s companies and then they got split out into the world of business. And instead of going back and seeking employment or an employee being an employee of a company, they decide they want to start their own business but they don’t have the mindset of an entrepreneur. They go into starting a new company or a new enterprise, with the mindset and the psychology of an employee and this doesn’t work out for them because the mindset is so different. The mindset of an entrepreneur or a scrappy startup is complete and total self responsibility. Responsibility, the understanding that you get nothing when you do nothing and it’s to that degree of responsibility that you can find that empowers you and makes you successful. It’s the opposite of the blaming. Whining employee who feels victimized by their employer. That’s what we don’t want anywhere near. That attitude and that mindset is a cancer