Born and raised as a 5th-generation Mormon, I love so many things about the culture of Mormonism.

As I grew into adulthood I found most organized religion to be increasingly stifling and complicated, and began to look elsewhere.

My relationships with animals (other than humans) continually and reliably fulfill me and help me to re-align with my sense of connection and over all wellness. These relationships are purely transactional, authentic, and refreshingly uncomplicated.

I enjoy applying the simplicity of these relationships to my relationships with humans.

Interacting with humans is naturally more complicated. But I can often get close, when (in real-time) I am also remembering to apply the “Golden Rule”.

I find my experiences of spirituality most easily and most often in daily life – being most fully in the presence of any given moment – and really, nowhere else.

Daily life is a spiritual practice.