My entire perspective can change once I articulate a thing, and then (the key is to) document and set it aside, and then later re-visit and re-processing the thing.

We all do this, continuously, without giving it a thought.

As an intentional practice it can also be useful and rewarding.

Documenting a thought (writing it down and/or recording it) during a moment of clarity can be invaluable.

Articulating it externalizes the thing.

Externalizing it sets it safely aside, in a more reliable memory container which is also more generally accessible across time and space and other (sometimes seemingly unrelated) processes.

This type of memory container frees up internal bandwidth - an ability to be present and be available for further processing at varying proximities.

Further processing improves decision-making.

Better decisions change everything going forward.

Pro | c | gr | essing.

Pro | c | gr | ess.

I’ve been articulating and documenting my important business and personal moments since the 1990s, and it is invaluable to both my growth in business and my personal development.