In The Fold

E.G. – Where Jen can thrive and contribute her most…

As lead, Second Chair

Jen was a member of The Orpheus String Quartet [(Sarah Plum (First Violinist), Carl Donakowski (Cellist), Monica Donakowski (Violist), and Jen Wallace (Second Violinist).]

In 1980 these four performing artists (as high school students) comprised the nationally award-winning “Orpheus String Quartet” – awarded weekly training and coaching sessions by Robert Mann, Earl Carliss, Samuel Rhodes, and Joel Krosnick (the founding members of “The Juilliard String Quartet”.)

“Nothing else in my lifetime is comparable to this most rare, year-long experience, learning the intricacies of ensemble interpretation, artistic negotiation, and unified performance, from the very founding members of the original members of the Juilliard String Quartet.”

“That year of learning was nothing short of, well… just holy crap-ness!”


Second Chair is Jen’s sweet spot – and her power position, which allows (versus “First Chair”) higher levels of observation and perspective, more focused listening and feedback, and more nuanced negotiations in order to facilitate and fulfill the higher purposes and goals of the ensemble or venture.