About the Streams category

Daily streams of consciousness. Thoughts and theories about lots of things, in bits and bites.

Here in the Streams category I drop a new, raw, unedited thought, as it occurs to me, in real time. I record it on-the-fly using my cell phone or smart watch.

This is usually some idea, or some question, or some impression that I think I’ll want to revisit later.

Usually that same day I upload and embed the bit here as a:

  1. raw, unedited text copied from an email that I compose by voice typing and then send to myself; or a

  2. raw audio clip (recorded and auto-transcribed using Otter.ai).

When I want to revisit, amend, or add new material to a previous thought, I enter it as a Reply under that Topic.

I may later write a fully-baked Blog Post based on something originating in a previous stream. When I do that, I include a link back to the original Topic.